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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Jena 6; draw protesters nationwide; Journey to Jena; Web site educates on alcohol; serves students’ health needs online; Jena residents dismayed by negative news coverage; Local flock keeps Sabbath; GIVE PEACE A CHANCE; Mother battles children; terrorists; Laura Mansfield is a mother of three who spends her days analyzing chat rooms; hacking web sites; Man kills child in front of mother; Unsolved killing of 7-year-old boy raises questions in S.C. city; God responds to lawsuit; Nebraska court finds rebuttal to suit filed by state legislator; FIREFIGHTERS COMBAT CAMPUS BLAZE; Jena incident proves racism still endures; Long-term plan necessary for Iraq fix; Voters should do research on policies before casting votes come Election Day; Bigger not necessarily better with technology; Guy culture reverses from old mentality as smaller gadgets now inflate egos; Internet porn ruins stripping industry; Online options take away young boys’ traditional means of losing innocence; Colors; worthy of respect; Between the Buried and Me expand boundaries of metal music with their newest album; Hot Hot Heat burns bright with new CD; Happiness LTD.; pleases critics; fans with catchy; pop tone; Celeb gossip marks two for instant fame; renown; Caught in the nude; Vanessa Hudgens gains exposure on Internet; DIGGING UP THE PAST; "94 team remembers burying Tigers in Bayou Battle, USC vs. LSU, 1994: key players, U-Wire Collegiate Sports Writer Poll, SEC powers set for head-on collision, Out of division meetings set tone for possible conference championships, Battle in trenches must go to USC, Offensive line faces stingy LSU front seven on Saturday, Consistency key against Tigers, Bend, don' t break mantra in full effect versus potent offensive attack; Five Questions with Jake Broom

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2007