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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Preventative measures essential for protection; Recent events raise caution levels among students on campus; Untimely fire alarm hinders bill progress; Election code changes delayed by one week; Anti-gang grants prepare officers to fight young adult group crime; Community sheriffs declare prevention primary objective; Students in ROTC look forward to Army life; not concerned with war possibility; Promise of job; family tradition; challenges draw in participants; Wise words still hold true from childhood; Unity more important than borders; America never meant to have clean society; melting pot perfect ideal; Guys want technology small; causes twist of sorts; Guys seem to want tools better; not bigger; setting trend in bragging rights; Jena 6 protesters distort civil liberties; Rights activists drive segregation; racism into political; legal obscurity; Music sharing irks RIAA; Musicians; industry leaders concerned about copyright issues; Metro Station targets MySpace listening market; Hollywood band creates passable album; Culture pushes thinness; Starving models; starlets forced on society by skinny-obsessed media; Men’s soccer goes to UAB; Carolina begins their Conference USA schedule on Saturday; Smelley at QB right move for Gamecocks; Spurrier seeks offensive improvement now; in future with lineup change; Women’s soccer ranked No. 12; Ticket system will debut in January; Students will soon be able to print athletic tickets from home

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2007