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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Committee; impeachment; holt; bryan; payne; court; activity fee; iraqi; airstrike; victim; gambrell hall; civilian toll; war; protest; no more victims; alawi; pre-vet; veternarian; hoppmann; advisor; Committee talks of impeachment; Sens. Holt; Bryan present charges against Payne; Pre-vet advisor offers help; New advisement program; club led by local veterinarian; Iraqi airstrike victim visits Gambrell Hall; Event organizers aim for greater awareness of war’s civilian toll; Lexington County may drop blue laws; Local Christians; students respond with mixed opinions; Freedom to purchase shouldn’t be hindered; Pascal’s wager applies to environment; Actions taken to avoid global warming produce more tangible results; Gossip part of culture; teaches all life’s lessons; Caring; about Britney’s disappointing comeback; Nicole’s baby not shallow; Mass media must focus on real issues; Newspapers; magazines provide little information on more important news; Late-nite eats save starving students; Columbia eateries offer delivery services during 'fourth meal' when stomach rumbles; mouth waters; Eric Skelton gives final homecoming; Local band performs last show before bidding; Columbia fond farewell; 'Viral videos'; Volleyball team to begin SEC play; Gamecocks to face; Georgia; Auburn in conference games; 2007 Power Rankings of the SEC; LSU still SEC’s best after 48-7 win against; No. 9 Va. Tech; Gamecocks jump into top-3 after upset win over ‘Dawgs; Carolina soccer ready for pair of weekend matches; Carolina hosts weekend tournament beginning Friday; Women’s soccer beats Winthrop 5-0 Wednesday; two Gamecocks scored pair of goals; Rainy day of practice for football team yesterday; roster shifts and injuries discussed; Women’s basketball team releases 2007-2008 schedule

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007