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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




VSA offers food; fellowship; A Look Inside:; USC’s Clubs & Organizations; Recyclers ready to reduce; reuse; Organization cuts stadium trash; Fish adapt after prank; Goldfish struggle for survival in library fountain; USC students blog about Carolina life; Professors also to post about what’s important when being Gamecocks; Roads close in 5 Points; Construction leads to traffic delays; detours in downtown Columbia; CENTER COULD CREATE JOBS; Dubai-based company looking at S.C. for distribution center; Candidate opens shop; Thompson’s Carolina campaign will run out of Clyburn’s old office; One of ‘Jena 6’ will face juvenile court; Judge orders 17-year-old; Mychal Bell’s release with $45; 000 bail; Obama woos S.C. voters; Illinois senator’s campaign relies on regional volunteers for success; Healthcare bill passes; Children’s insurance legislation sets up possible presidential veto; Mexican military opened to women; Females can rise in rank; train at elite schools; become pilots; engineers; Accident or no; Nazi symbol chagrins Navy; Fanatics cause own trials; tribulations; Ignoring extremists only allows them to spread messages of intolerance; Bradley pays price for loss of control on playing field; Exciteable outfielder acts out; tears knee ligament in argument with umpire; Lips release first live concert DVD; Film highlights unique; powerful performance; Fest to have nine bands; Calling all wenches; marauders to fourth annual Pirates Festival; Celebrities inspire more gossip from nose jobs to alcohol abuse; Searching for the missing piece; Veteran Sapp; rookie Ingram vie for role of middle linebacker in absence of All-American Jasper Brinkley; Changes abound for offensive unit; Three new faces earn first start of their careers; Smelley earns second start as Spurrier shakes up depth chart for homecoming game; Defense keys on stopping Dixon; Pass stopping takes backseat to powerful Mississippi State running attack as USC looks to fill voids left by recent injuries; Five

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2007