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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Colbert makes run for presidency; South Carolina primary gets stirred up as political pundit announces bid; What do you think about Steven; Colbert running for president?; School gives preteens pill; patch; King Middle School can now distribute oral contraceptives; New gadgets help police fight crime; ShotSpotter; alerts authorities when it senses gunshots; Local organizations team up for charity; Winter clothing drive to benefit Columbia homeless; Professor discusses anti-Semitism; Paul Hyman of Yale lectures on stereotypes; effects of past injustices; Club killing may bring reform; Mother of dead gay man lobbies for hate crime legislation; S.C. is one of 5 states still without it; Weekend offers fun for visiting parents; Nooses; hate images plague mankind; Students should not ignore prejudice; must take stand against society’s wrongs; School gives birth control pills; patches to pre-teens; Government should leave parents alone in deciding teenage sexual education; Climate issue requires education first; Arguments over global; social changes need to be understood; then debated; Radiohead begins digital era; In Rainbows; opens doors into technological craze; may change music forever; Cable calls to those who want to kill brain cells; "Hollywoodland, "; other movies dominate coming weekend’s tube schedule; Fallen women hope to regain lost lives; Britney Spears’ mom rushes to daughter’s side after loss of kids; Lindsay Lohan out of rehab with new eye candy in hand; Paris Hilton visits Rwanda; attempts to keep waning fame; Weighing In; After riding the bench for three weeks; Blake Mitchell returns to the field and restarts the quarterback debate for South Carolina; Aerial assault set to fire back up; After second half struggles last week; Gamecock’s look to take to air; Bennett gives pass defense stout test; Sophomore secondary set to tackle task of conference’s star receivers; The season of the underdog continues; Conference championship race fires up with primetime m

The Daily Gamecock, FRDIAY, OCTOBER 19, 2007