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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Honors hall construction delayed again; Budget constraints; lack of bidders prolong opening until 2010; SOME PEOPLE AVOID BALL GAMES; Studying; indifference become reasons to avoid attending football game; Peace Corps provides cultural perspective; International business majors benefit from program; student says; Students; on-campus housing need priority; Students weigh in about Colbert’s surprise candidacy; 2008 election deserves respect; satirists have time; place of their own; Comedian fires up voters; increases political interest; sparks sense of state pride; Updated system attempts to make things fair; easier; Die hard fans affected by distribution; Falling into fashion; Five hair salons give clients unique cuts at affordable student prices; Purples; leopard prints; unisex vests become trends for fall 2007; Makeup trends bring in unlikely colors; reuse variety of classic feminine looks; Vampire film satisfies bloodlust; 30 Days; gives viewers a healthy dose of thirsty villains; does not fail to deliver ample amounts of gore; Gamecocks prepare for national tilt; USC squares off with No. 2 SMU on Fox Soccer Channel; Consistent play solves offense woe right now; O-line; running backs must get back to basics if; USC is to contend for SEC

The Daily Gamecock, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2007