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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




USC notifies leak victims; Letters to students; Web sites; free credit report fraud alerts aid in cleanup of last month’s information leak; ELON DINING OFFERS MORE; University provides upper-end food choices in cafeterias; State leads nation in single-gender school rooms; Local coordinator says students learn better in separate approaches; Cancer events collect money for victims; Breast; ovarian cancer advocates honor fallen; survivors; loved ones; Home Works gives aid to Peru; Nonprofit group brings needed items to Latin America; Number of civilian casualties remains steep; Iraqi citizen death toll drops drastically from average of 60 deaths per day to 34; reaching lowest point since last year; Obama visits churches; Presidential candidate continues campaign in Columbia area; 10 civilians killed in war; Rebels overrun African Union base in Darfur as violence intensifies; Police; employers use Facebook for answers; Apathetic onlookers don’t help hatred; Playing the ‘innocent bystander’ does nothing to get rid of ignorance; Reverend perpetuates division in small town; Differing opinions; agendas aggravate an already complex case; Students lose sight of recycling ideal; Going green; becoming trendy gimmick rather than eco-friendly lifestyle; Duke lacks culinary innovation; Delicatessen offers wide; although ordinary; variety of sandwiches; cookie-cutter; soups; Joni Mitchell releases first album in 10 years; Shine’ reveals folk singer’s older; wiser vocals; world views; The Ten; puts twist on Word; Wain attempts to modernize God’s law with vulgarity; Gamecocks sweep Bulldog trifecta; Quarterback Smelley; wideout McKinley shine in Homecoming victory; Defense; special teams play ignites scoring; provides winning spark

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2007