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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Fast-a-Thon raises money for Iraqi child; MSA goes on hunger strike; takes pledges to benefit 10-year-old girl; Last Lecture; a lesson in civility; O’Leary’s summer camp teaches coexistence; friendship amid sectarian war in Ireland; Rally to Help Save Darfur; PAL comes to parks; Police; parks department reach out to area children; Trapped miners return alive; After a day underground; 3; 200 trapped mine workers come back to surface; Facebook still rules despite changes; Social networking sites continue to attract millions; Student health takes backseat to nanobots; Genocide demands immediate action; Veil of ignorance not acceptable approach to crisis in Darfur; Sudan; Clinton’s old brainchild still appears ill-conceived; There she goes again: Hillary’s second shot at health care still a flop; Cubs fans fail to see team’s true game; Overused motto ‘wait until next year’ only works first 99 times; Votolato creates vivid; poetic lyrics; Artist’s latest album effort gathers inspiration from tour experiences; resists ‘get rich quick’ mentality; Echo helps environment; Atlanta festival goes beyond just music; attempts to bring attention to issues; Babies; break-ups still steal celebrity spotlight; Declawed; Turnovers; defense key in 15-point win over No. 8 Kentucky; Sophomores lead defense to win over Kentucky; Norwood; Munnerlyn; Cook make big plays; change direction of game

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2007