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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




City rallies against genocide; Community leaders; performers call for United Nations to take action against mass killings in Darfur; DARFUR TOWN BURNED AGAIN; Janjaweed; Sudanese government suspected in attack on rebel forces; Bike Week 2007 Breakfast Ride; Cyclist; pedestrian safety spotlighted with lectures; special events around city; 5 Points finishes with bash; End of Construction party celebrates end of beautification; Kenyan wins marathon after runner dies in heat wave; Michigan man dies in Chicago race while another 49 runners are hospitalized; Off -duty sheriff ’s deputy kills six; High school students; recent graduates slain in Wisconsin shooting; Expansive education; awareness necessary; Students responsible for school’s image; Professionalism; poise bring respect; positive reflections on university; Corruption; disobedience brings pain; inhumanity; Innocent victims’ needless suffering unjustified; can be fixed by saving grace; Risky maneuvers; stunts not worth it; Death-defying students; motorists should use more common sense with trains; Places to Escape for fall break; Nowhere to go this fall break? Sick of going home? Well; there are plenty of places to visit this week for your hiatus from classes.; Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers nutritious alternatives to fast food; Lifeline; brings raw music back; Harper’s new album goes natural; perfect for relaxation; Laughlin killing competition; Freshman phenom headlines youthful roster with strong showing in conference play; Spurrier; Gamecocks send notice to nation; Big win over previously unbeaten Kentucky sees; USC vaulted into Top 10

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2007