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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Rollers speed into town; Women on wheels showcase alternative roller skating sport; Student falls from Capstone; Innovista creates new research tools; Collexis becomes newest member of university’s technology corridor; Mini-grants; available; Undergrads have better chance for research with funding; UGA WOMEN FIGHT BACK; Defense classes full after abductions; Alternative lifestyles deserve our support; Internet generation must take action; Today’s youth recognizes issues; continues ‘waiting on the world to change’; Israel gives strict lesson on foreign policy; strike; Advancing weapons; new technology should spark preventive attack plans; Ron Paul provides ‘hope for America’; Presidential candidate promises country security; better handling of money; Wertz; Barnes play patio; Musicians chat about college beginnings; superhero dreams; state flag designs; Seeker; fails to rise above; Film attempts to ride on coattails of fantasy genre; Heartbreak Kid; breaks no hearts; Farrelly brothers make comeback with raunchy comedy about relationships; commitment issues; Scientists release good news about ‘the Pill’; Recent research proves most common method of contraception may prevent several forms of cancer; Knicks beat Philadelphia; First-year New York forward makes 17 points in win over Philadelphia; Balkman’s return to Columbia Bittersweet; Ex-USC forward sits out at home court due to off-season ankle injury; Mic man; pom-poms ruin experience; Sideline distractions; antics keep students from leading own cheers

The Daily Gamecock, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2007