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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Slim choices for thin eats; Eating healthy costs more; but benefits outweigh prices; Study reports hate crimes up about 8 percent; Civil rights leaders say racial tensions still exist; Potluck pulls friends closer; All Thanksgiving traditions not limited to time at home; Driver dead; about 30 hurt in highway tour bus crash; bus company owner calls it ‘freak accident’; Early morning collision shocks passengers; closes roads; Atlanta-area church shocked by sex scandal; 34-year-old learns fellow pastor actually his father; not uncle; Tear Down; disgraces USC; prompts boycott; Magazine misconstrues Iraq situation; g&b’s article uses young; injured girl’s story to push biased anti-war agenda; Volunteers help Cola; build our reputation; Service work completes college experience; builds positive career resumes; Beowulf; slashes way to epic glory; Film relies on looks; sensations to convey legend; Hives’ newest album contagious; Black and White; shows off Swedish band’s full range of musical finesse; Dolls revisit ‘90s fame; Band uses old; new songs to comprise ‘Greatest Hits; " has high hopes for future, Workout alternatives available for anyone, Getting in shape requires finding activity people love, commitment, New Eastwood in Tinsel Town, Daughter follows in her father’s footsteps, directs first screenplay, Thanks for the memories, Veteran offensive lineman recounts collegiate career at Carolina as seniors bid goodbye to Williams-Brice, USC air game ready to fly, Mitchell, McKinley set sights on back-to-back victories over Clemson, Rested defense ready for Tigers, Two weeks of preparation brings a swarming defensive front to field, Five Questions with Jake Broom, Face Off: Clemson vs. Carolina, Student newspaper sports editors wage war of words

The Daily Gamecock, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2007