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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Clubs forfeit cash; Student groups losing funds to university under current system; CLASS SIZES EXCEED LIMITS; With sections containing hundreds of students; colleges overwhelmed; Teddies not just for cuddling anymore; Bookah Bears conceal popular smoking vessels; Spanish Vines drinks to business success; New wine company brings cultural experience to table; Strike hits cyberspace; Online videos; blogs bring attention to showrunners’ mutiny; Fire crews contain flames; Thorough preparation; fair weather keep disaster in check over weekend; Senator announces final year; Lott plans to resign from Senate seat effective at end of current term; Money pool needed; not more bureaucrats; Fetuses safe from stem cell experiments; New procedure prevents destruction of human life to further research; As football season ends; fan-based woes begin; New ‘mic man’ brings more suffering to already discouraged ‘Cocks’ fans; Murderama slices; dices; New Brookland Tavern offers midnight movie fest for horror flick enthusiasts; August Rush; stirs passion; Highmore plays orphan with hopes of reunion; Web game helps feed the world; Vocab quiz donates rice for right answers; Coen brothers create thriller with ‘Old Men’; Bardem is bone-chilling villain in frightening; Western slasher film; I; m Not There’ presents the life of Bob Dylan; Haynes inspired by Dylan’s music to depict songwriter’s life journey; MySpace case spurs action; Ordinance passed in city where girl died as result of online harassment; SEC Bowl Forecast; Men’s basketball falls to N.C. State and George Mason; Gamecocks lose close game to Wolfpack; suffer similar fate against Patriots

The Daily Gamecock, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2007