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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Student’s father makes run for White House; St. Simons county commissioner Cap Fendig hopes to jump into national political arena; USC tied to sweatshop; Student activists use allegation to encourage support for fair labor practices worldwide; Freshman Council encourages voting; Organization drive makes in; out-of-state registration easier; Flu shots running low early in season; Students; faculty take precautions to prevent illness; S.C. father shoots two adult daughters to death; then self; Rat Island faces extermination; Biologists hope that eliminating excessive rodent populations will bring back extinct bird life; University should ban sweatshop merchandise; Only fans can motivate team success; Students need to maintain football dedication; spirit to help ensure future wins; Feast choices push people to tip scales; forget health; Fast food chains advertise new larger portion meals with calories; fat to match; Mic-man brings enthusiasm to crowd; Students should respect fellow fan’s commitment in cheering on Gamecocks; Eclectic ‘La Cucaracha’ debuts on Billboard chart; Band Ween finds success; popularity after 17 years of underground fan base; Plan; don’t cram; Avoid usual last minute frenzy by scheduling time; buckling down on books; Diehard bargain shoppers duke it out; camp out for early bird specials; savings; Retailers enjoy Black Friday frenzy; record astronomical profits for holiday season; Fighting Camels travel to USC; Gamecock basketball returns to Columbia to face Campbell; Taylor was on road to turnaround; Death of football player leads to time of reflection; REDSKIN NATION MOURNS LOSS; Gunshot wound in connection to burglary takes life of sports star

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2007