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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




USC honors fallen students; Gov. Mark Sanford offers encouragement; hope to family; friends of house fire victims; SENATE REMOVES RACIAL QUOTAS; Bill changes minority; requirement for finance committee; sparks dissent; Student heats up kitchen; Papagiannis uses Facebook to promote homemade cuisine; instructional classes; Date auction reverses roles; Gamma Phi Beta offers men for sale; raises money for cause; Perfect schedule relies on professor ratings; Viewers suffer reality TV during strike; Writer’s Guild strike may end shows early; cause fans to shift viewing focus; Site founder Zuckerberg faces privacy issues again; Facebook CEO starts new advertising scheme; sells out users’ right to privacy; Screenwriters get screwed; not respect; Hollywood writers go on strike due to low income; lower recognition for work; Studio; college takes class act to big screen; New production seeks students of all backgrounds to help; gPhone; Walker schools your parents; New book amuses readers by offering advice; sarcasm concerning parenthood; Calloway weighs in about wireless; Technology provides new helpful solutions; hindrances; convenience; Basketball season finds savior in Downey; Sophomore point guard could lead Gamecocks to; NCAA tourney appearance; Running star: unbreakable Chain; Senior runner leads cross country team into NCAA Southeast Regional this weekend; Men’s soccer takes on Wildcats in ‘07 finale; Six players to be honored on team’s Senior Day in battle against Kentucky; USC women make history; Soccer team knocks off Tennessee for first time; Georgia up next; Mattern Wins Award

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2007