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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Greek Village reaches capacity; Two new houses set to open next fall; last house in 2008; a day in the life of ; USC student prepares for Ironman triathlon; Michael Dole to race for senior thesis, raise charity money; Family charged with holding teen captive; Pennsylvania couple, kids to stand trial for ‘slave’; Dr. Dan Overcash; Tuskegee airmen recognized for service; Black WWII pilots receive Congressional Gold Medal in front of emotional crowd; Suburban homes offer cover for marijuana greenhouses; In last 6 weeks police have raided nearly 70 homes in north Georgia; AAAS debates ‘the video vixen’; Group looks at role of women in media, business worlds; Net gaming shows fix for world’s ills: fight demons; Despite disputes between nations, supernatural foes provide outlet for anger; Video games reveal inner guitar hero; Hours in front of screen don’t waste time, show secret to hidden purpose; Learn before debating with professors; Unfamiliar teaching style creates new opportunity for personal adaptation; Murphy, LCD Soundsystem release breaks new ground; COUPLES CAN DATE WITHOUT EMPTYING POCKETS; Romance, thoughtfulness are achievable without wearing out bank account; Wilderness Documentary brings reality back to roots; Gamecocks ready to corral Commodores; No. 1 USC meets No. 3 Vanderbilt in weekend series, clash of college titans; ICE COLD SEASON ALMOST OVER; Inferno fizzle, slide toward lukewarm finish on tough year; Softball snaps sour streak; USC picks up win against Winthrop, gets ready for MSU

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2007