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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Global Warming; storms; hurricane; climate change; percent; national hurrican center; landsea; geography department; spurrier; recruit; team activity; garcia; suspension; greeks; scandal; allegations; illegal advertising; ballots; Greek Village; Warming not main factor in storms; Climate changes only affect 1 percent of hurricane intensity; Spurrier allows recruit; to resume team activity; New quarterback; Stephen Garcia’s suspension lifted; The elections commission hears testimony from witnesses Thursday night in allegations against Vice President-elect Jay Laura and President-elect Nick Payne.; Greeks implied in scandal; Election fallout targets influence on voter turnout; illegal advertising near ballots; Mall to stay open longer on weekend; Conservatives tour South touting traditional views; Presidential hopefuls appeal to family issues such as gay marriage; abortion; teachers’ pay; Defense of property does not sway jury in Abbeville murderer’s trial; Execution sentence passed; on Bixby; who killed two officers in bewilderment; Cynthia Kennedy hugs Judy Davis after the sentencing of Steven Bixby on Wednesday.; Teens possess ability to decide on caffeine; Humor eases pain of depressing week; Bad days happen to us all; could always get worse if you have kissing disease; Increasing; tuition costs keep youth in workplace; Students’ need for money distracts from education; maintaining health; sleep; What’s your dirty little secret?; In honor of the event; students were invited to participate in USC’s very own PostSecret project. The post cards will be on display until Sunday.; PostSecret creator Warren explains beginnings; goals; of his innovative project; UTS cracks down; University’s four prong plan aims to prevent; end illegal downloading; USC phenom Tré Kelley Bows out; Standout’s final collegiate season comes to close; as SEC Player of the Year hopeful eyes future; Senior class; deserves last standing O; fans’ respect; Sheldon; Wallace; Kelley prepare for senior salute; with Saturday matchup

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2007