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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Recycle; student involvement; recyclers; receptacles; AAAS; Real Monopoly; budgeting; life management; Patterson; HD-TV; television; laundry room; More recyclers wanted; Waste department recommends greater student involvement; Hypothetical budgeting teaches life management; Students manage money for families; businesses during planning exercise; Patterson to get new HD-TV; RHA allocates funds toward television for; dorm’s laundry room; Columbia works on homeless problem; New public shelter; planned for helping less fortunate; Strom’s kin criticizes Sharpton; Thurmond’s biracial daughter defends senator despite past racist policies; Stocks slide after past market highs; In lowest dip since Sept. 11; Dow Jones drops 546.20 points; Bird flu vaccine in works; Government agency accumulates reserves for possible outbreak; U.N.: Serbia innocent in genocide accusations; International Court of Justice rules on 1990s massacre in Bosnia; School stress a given; learn to deal with it; Religious texts have answers; insight; Doctrine should only be preached by those who know; understand ideas; Inexperienced air travelers desperately need lessons; Airports annoying enough already without having burden of amateur flyers; Betting big on relationships a gamble; Going “all in” might not be best bet; but folding doesn’t teach anything; Southern café mixes cultures; Local eatery offers successful mix of artsy; vibe; homestyle food; Tending to Your; Fashion Wounds; Famous New York busker bares it all; The Naked Cowboy proves to be more than a guy in a pair of tighty-whities with a patriotic guitar in Times Square; Advice book relies on real people for insight; Seniors ready for final home game; Kelley; Wallace; Sheldon gear up to play last hoorah at Colonial Center; ESPN network’s NASCAR coverage needs to drop caution on pointless races; Sacredness of multiple sports channels tainted by monotonous replays; Inferno burn Ice Pilots 5-4; Right wing Jeff Miles scores in shootout to keep playoff hopes alive; Shalonda Solomon fights for fast titles; Junior sprinter track star attacks sports world full-speed ahead

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2007