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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Turtles; olympic; Tae Kwon Do; cartoon; safety; security; Student life; student affairs; Virginia Tech; VT; shootings; Fraternity; Kappa Kappa Psi; band honor; band; Scroggs Founder; trophy; gunman; women; rich kids; note; killer; dorm room; motice; massacre; Cho Seung-Hui; USC leaders focus on safety; Campus security a top priority; officials say; TURTLES INSPIRE OLYMPIC DREAM; Tae Kwon Do champ cites popular cartoon as prompting hobby; Fraternity up for award; Kappa Kappa Psi nominated for high band honor; Gunman raged against women; rich kids; police say; Note left in killer’s dorm room might provide clues for motive in Virginia Tech massacre; MSNBC anchor comes home to USC; Journalist Rita Cosby; a 1989 Carolina grad; offers career advice; Recent frost damages state’s peaches; Cold weather during Easter weekend impacts produce farmers’ profits; N.J. governor still critical; Gov. Jon Corzine’s vehicle traveled over 90 mph before crash; police say; RHA discusses safety; Virginia Tech crisis; AIDS foundation focus of final meeting; Sex offender bragged about ‘dungeon’; Prosecutors say Darlington man bound; raped teens underground; Gun control back in focus after Virginia Tech shootings; Editorials criticize American laws in wake of campus tragedy; Earth Day’s popularity; sprouts more tree huggers; Environmentally friendly measures back in media; signal youth movement; Footage insensitive to students’ grief; Journalists’ cameras focus on gross images viewers shouldn’t see in broadcast; Duke lacrosse players should leave spotlight; Panic at Township Auditorium; Jam band’s rhythm resonates through devoted fans; venues; Restaurant expands palate; Mediterranean Tea; Room offers ethnic foods; atmosphere; Melee release lives up to expectations; Power pop piano; vocals makes new album worth buying; Piercings can be way of life; shouldn’t be mocked; Body decorations become popular; mark memories; How much do you know about Booker T. Washington?; Gamecocks toss Terriers into pound; Darnell homers again; Cooper; Pelzer combine for shutout; Stingers’ game postponed as hive goes without turf; Indoor football team awaits permanent rug from Arkansas; Battle for Carolina summons Tar Heels; Stingy Gamecock pitching hopes to blank UNC

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2007