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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




St. Jude; Tri Delta; Delta; carnival; children's hospital; plametto health; carnival for a cure; Ad Team; fourth place; Coca-Cola; VT; candlelight vigil; carolina restaurant; renovation; trainging rooms; facelift; Williams-Brice; Capstone; Jones Physical Science; Euestrian; football tickets; in-state; Tri-Delts donate $8; 000 to St. Jude; Kids carnival at Strom raises money for children’s hospitals in S.C.; Memphis; Ad Team wins fourth place; Bubbles; individuality focus of campaign created for Coca-Cola; Top of Carolina restaurant to undergo renovation; Athletics training rooms also set for facelift; TEENS TALK POLITICS IN RADIO FORUM College; high school students debate social issues on air; Nazis rally on State House grounds; National Socialist Movement announces presidential candidate; rails against immigrants; Jews; communists; Navy Blue Angels pilot dies after jet crashes in Beaufort; Virginia Tech students return to campus after massacre; prepare for classes to resume; Birth control shouldn’t be out of reach by high costs; Broke university students can’t afford to pay $40 price tag for required pills; Old school; USC lives on in memories; Incoming freshmen won’t know greatness of DCP; third-down rooster calls; Transgender student has right to be ‘king; Top Dems should favor abortion ban; Clinton; Obama; Edwards wrong to support brutal destruction of human life; Traditional horror films phased out by senseless; violent flicks; As gore; slashers become more common; thrillers fall into cellar of cinema; Hot Fuzz; explodes on screen; Buddy-cop; genre tribute film highlights best of police action films; inspires laughter; Land of Women; lacks meaning; plot; Film relies on make-out sessions; repetition to advance storyline; Heroes; co-star Lee discusses apocalyptic second season plot; Hiro; Ando to work; together to prevent tragedy in future; Stingers get inaugural victory; Five interceptions help team with 61-27 win over Lions; Champions; titles make way to new basketball playground; With move from Coliseum to Colonial Center; USC’s history becomes renewed; Gamecocks drop showdown with Rebels; Carolina falls in first two games; picks up 11-9 win on Sunday; Equestrian; brings home second title in three years

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2007