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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




JAY LAURA ARRESTED AT CAROLINA CUP RACE; T-shirts speak out for violence; Clothesline Project helps educate students on sexual attacks; HIV/AIDS awareness takes center stage at fashion show; Klassik Kouture Love was filled with fashion, music, dance; Homeless shelter closed for spring; Lack of resources make year-round center unavailable; Leading researcher’s lecture explores universe’s beginning; Prof. John Huchra explains astronomical age, size, content; Mixed feelings on possible bill; Senate weighs pros, cons of mandatory ultrasound viewing; Women can’t be made to view an ultrasound; New senate holds first discussion; Members debated USC smoking policy, approved nominees; More applicants show USC makes the grade; Greeks dishonor founders’ memories; Getting arrested insults brotherhood, morality fraternities started from; Exercising only hurts you, should be avoided; Laziness is what God wants from you; why else would He create sports injuries?; Inside look at SI system; Academic support program helps students improve grades by having their peers teach them concepts; Try to reduce your impact; As environmental concerns grow, these recycle-friendly tips can help; Boxer’s brand packs punch; Muhammad Ali’s GOAT health food offers options; Study: ads target kids; Healthy snacks often go unrepresented on children’s shows; USC shuts out Paladins; Junior pitcher Hempy has 5 strong innings; Spurrier: new players need a rowdy crowd; What’s in a name? A roster position; Annual NCAA tournament offers another chance at All-Name Team greatness; Tennis team takes on Cats; Carolina’s women tied for first place in the SEC East, looking to build lead; Masters legacy strong; Big names, drives are important to win at Augusta this week

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2007