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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




media arts; filmmaker; mario butler; sg reforms; election codes; laura; apology; arrest; freshman; alcohol violations; columbia hall; capstone; drinking; alcohol busts; Filmmaker and fourth year media arts student Mario Butler; The movers and shakers of; USC answer your burning questions for our reporters; SG reforms election codes; Laura apologizes to Senate after arrest; regulations revised; Freshmen top alcohol violations list; First year students view drinking as a rite of passage; Whaley’s Mill apartments available; Tax on cigarettes may rise 30 cents per pack; Increase would limit; amount of children smokers; help health; Prof. looks at racism; sexism toward women; Tawanda Greer discusses effects of offensive remarks; Senate tries to relax stem cell research rules to further advances; Bush thinks bill crosses moral lines; will veto it if passes; Finishing work early; greatest way to end stress; Instead of being easily distracted; prioritize so you can enjoy life later; Anti-smoking ads say nothing new; It’s not shocking that cigarettes are dangerous; smokers already know; VP deserves applause after making apology; Avenge stupidity with clever attacks; Everyone should get a chance to take out anger with no consequences; Hootie and the Blowfish; formed here at USC more than 10 years ago; head back to Columbia to perform at this year’s Garnet and Black spring football game.; Fad books give advice; Authors at their best when they offer information people can actually use; Track teams continue domination; Carolina wins 7 events; at USATF State Meet bettering NCAA times; New NFL schedule akin to March Madness; provides; nice match-ups for fanatics; Peyton versus Vick on; Turkey Day among best of next season’s game lineup; Gamecocks drop to rival Tigers 4-1; Tennis match takes spotlight; after baseball rain-out; Duke players seen as victims of “rush to accuse” as prosecutors drop charges; Three lacrosse team members walk away from “racially charged” case

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2007