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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Virginia Tech; massacre; 30 people killed; wounded; shootings; gunman; rampage; SWAT; Police; safety; killed; deadliest shooting; condolences; sympathy; VT; tragedy; MASSACRE AT VIRGINA TECH; MORE THAN 30 PEOPLE KILLED; DOZENS WOUNDED IN MULTIPLE SHOOTINGS ON CAMPUS; National leaders; campus officials offer condolences; President Bush sends message of sympathy to VT community; USC students react to VT tragedy; Monday’s shooting at Virginia Tech hits close to home for many Carolina students who know people affected by attacks; call Old Dominion State home; Questions on FAFSA don’t reflect student need; Financially independent students should not be affected by parents’ data; Planned Parenthood raises awareness; Returning organization aims to educate; inform; students on their options; Virginia Tech needs our prayers; support; Timbaland less than ‘shocking’; Latest release offers confusing collaboration of artists ranging from Elton John to Fall Out Boy; On-stage experience; best part of performing; Winning; perfection never as important as thrill; love for entertaining audiences; Cannibal; makes ‘no compromise’; Static-X’s latest album belts out metal sound with thrashing; screaming beat; Beyonce’s ‘B’day’ release raises bar in videomaking; Soloist revolutionizes industry with unprecedented DVD album; Tarantino; looks back for movie’s desirable soundtrack; Airk Hempy; SEC Pitcher of the Week; Lefty overcomes odds; returns to form with 10-1 win on Saturday; Panthers give Carr another opportunity; Former Texan punching bag could be successful reserve player in Charlotte; Gamecocks look to finish off in-state series against Terriers; Carolina plays host to Wofford for Tuesday tune-up prior to Clemson on Wednesday; The lesson Robinson’s heirs haven’t learned

The Daily Gamecock, TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2007