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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies


Educational Administration

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Katherine R Chaddock


Current economic conditions, resulting in declining federal and state revenues, place increased emphasis on fund raising among two and four public and private higher education institutions. In South Carolina and other states student-generated revenue is the primary source of institutional funding. In order to keep tuition and student fees as low as possible, colleges and universities are seeking private funds to support their institutions. Many institutions, especially community and technical colleges, are new to donor cultivation and fund raising. This study provides a case example for use as an instructive model of donor cultivation.

The purpose of this study is to document the benevolent efforts of one family to support South Carolina higher education. The examination of their institutional giving and their motivations for supporting higher education provides a historical case study of private donor motivation for current and future development officers and grant writers seeking to increase institutional support. The Self story is one of personal and local giving. By reviewing the Self story, those charged with institutional fund raising can examine their relationships with local communities and potential local donors.

The application of Russ Alan Prince and Karen Maru File's seven donor personalities to the Self philanthropic support of higher education provides a researched lens through which to examine the family's economic, political, personal, and social philanthropic motivations and generates a case example for higher education fund raisers that may prove applicable to institutional cultivation of new donors.