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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies


Educational Administration

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Zach Kelehear


The primary goal of this research was to identify practices of administrators, which might support arts integrated instruction. Toward meeting that goal, this researcher framed four questions for consideration: What strategies do principals use to increase the use of arts integration in their schools? What similarities exist among principals who have the highest success rate with arts integration? In what trainings have these principals participated? What arts-related experiences have they had? This research relied on a sequential, explanatory mixed-method design to collect data from teachers and principals in Arts in Basic Curriculum Schools in South Carolina. This initial phase generated numerical data that was used to identify the schools having the greatest success with integration. In the second, qualitative phase, the researcher conducted interviews with selected educators and coded the scripted interviews for common themes and responses. The findings of this research indicate that principals should hire creative, flexible teachers who are willing to collaborate and take part in professional development for co-curricular planning and instruction. Principals should set high expectations and follow up with strategies designed to verify the implementation of integrated lessons and then provide extensive professional development. In addition, school leaders should show trust and support for their teaching staff and be aware that that what is often most needed is a shared commitment for long-term success. A listing of additional strategies suggested by administrators for increasing integration is also included.