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Susan Schramm-Pate


Fear is a consistent theme in monotheistic traditions. It is a topic that deserves much attention because it is pervasive in scripture, spirituality, and in many aspects of life. While fear and the fear of God are emphasized in scripture, their importance has been underestimated and misunderstood in modern times.

The purpose of this undertaking is to view and explore the dynamics and modes of fear through the lens of spiritual psychology and to mine a more precise understanding of the fear of God. In this exploration we will consider fear in relation to various topics elucidated by writings reflecting a traditional outlook that will shed light on the origin, modalities, antidotes and purpose of fear. A distinction will be made regarding the basic modes of fear, both secular fear and the modes of the fear of God.

It is important that we explicitly state that this work is a spiritual exhortation and an exercise which attempts to clear the ground and mine a foundation for this recurring concept in monotheistic traditions. A similar undertaking could certainly be attempted by others from different traditions using respective sources. It is our firm conviction that many of the conclusions herein would be reached just the same. It is our hopes that others will take this challenge and come to uncover, as we have, a more profound understanding of fear and the fear of God.