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Campus Access Thesis


English Language and Literatures


Creative Writing

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Elise Blackwell


Recurring characters, including two reformed linemen, one megalomaniacal preacher and another kind one, a misunderstood young Wiccan, a grizzled alligator poacher, and a formidable ex-trucker-turned-bartender meet and mingle throughout this collection. Many of the stories use narrative experimentation--for example, broken, distracted structure in a story about teenagers rampaging, or eviscerated language in a post-apocalyptic vignette--to examine themes of community, history, and faith. Linking them all is the lake, which binds them geographically and becomes a symbol of their many different lives, all flowing together from the primordial, swampy headwaters, through the residential calmness, to the dam where they break into rainbows above the spray.