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Comparative Literature

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Maria A Lopes


Blue Poets: Brilliant Poetry is a comparative study of four poets and factors that affected their lives and livelihood. The term 'blue' refers to the melancholy experienced with depression, frequent or excessive oppressive circumstances, trauma, and the sadness associated with the blues as a musical form. Brilliant poetry may be productively therapeutic, pedagogical, cathartic, or freshly reflected through a symbolic slant or a psychoanalytical lens. The poems in this study lend themselves to several possible areas of exploration: religious interpretation, assessment of socio-psychological factors, dream analysis, and / or the scrutiny of surrealistic elements.

Chapter I: The Agony of Disbelief and the Journey toward Faith: In chapter I, you will see how art and faith influenced poets during critical times. When the existence of God could not be proven, art and poetry sustained them through their spiritual expeditions.

"Chapter 2: Singing' the Blues as Loud as I Can: The Psychoanalytical, the Surreal, and Coming out of the Closet" (A comparative study featuring Federico Garcia Lorca and Anne Sexton) In chapter II, you will see how exuberance during the manic phase of writing helps, but how lack of focus and dwindling inspiration hinders completion and success. Too much mania or depression is detrimental to the artist who will likely abandon the project. Moreover, I will show how two romantics sought fulfillment in their art and in their exploration for true love and acceptance and the price they paid for it. In both chapters, connections will be shown between talented and intelligent people and depression or bipolarism and what helps such extraordinary people succeed.

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