Date of Award

Fall 2021

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Languages, Literatures and Cultures

First Advisor

Lucy Spence


This study involved educational innovation and implementation of a task-based, learner-centered curriculum within a foreign language program. The concerns-based assessment model (originally proposed by Hall et al., 1973, and further developed by Hall & Hord, 1987; 2011) was used to investigate the degree to which language instructors adopted the innovation. An adapted form of the concerns-based assessment model’s levels of use focused interviews and instructional artifacts were used to measure the level of implementation of the task-based approach. Analysis of the data identified categoricalchanges as instructors implemented the new curriculum. The category of sharing revealed higher levels of use due to extensive collaboration among instructors and between administration and instructors. This is promising for the field, as there is little research regarding the innovation of task-based, learner-centered curriculum within an adult foreign language program.