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Campus Access Thesis


Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Anthony S McAnally


Some estimates place the number of people worldwide who have no or limited access to safe drinking water at nearly two billion. Every year, millions of people die due to diseases contracted from unsafe drinking water. Disinfection of drinking water by chlorination could prevent the vast majority of these deaths. New Life International is a Christian, non-profit organization based in Underwood, Indiana. Since the mid 1990's New Life International has manufactured, distributed and installed a proprietary water purification system that utilizes the principle of brine electrolysis to generate a mixture of chlorination species for drinking water disinfection.

The work described herein was conducted to evaluate the potential for increasing the production of safe drinking water by pairing the traditional battery driven water purifiers with a continuous power supply. After establishing the baseline disinfection capacity of the Model 11 purifier using a continuous power supply module, work was undertaken to evaluate how maximum safe water production could be achieved by assessing alternative purifier configurations.

This thesis presents the methods and protocols followed for data collection, a presentation of the results obtained along with a discussion of their relevance as well as recommendations for improving the continuous power supply module.