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Campus Access Dissertation


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Christopher T Williams


In the recent years, the demand for new catalytic technologies of ultra-deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS) in petroleum refining industry is increasing due to stringent and tightening environmental regulations regarding the sulfur content of diesel fuels. Thus, there is a very strong incentive to develop the next generation of highly active HDS catalysts. In this study, we have explored the synergistic effect of nickel promoter as well as the addition of citric acid as a chelating reagent on the preparation of Ni-MoS2/-Al2O3 catalysts for HDS of dibenzothiophene derivatives (DBT, 4-MDBT and 4,6-DMDBT).

This work focused on incorporation of Ni promoter into Mo/-Al2O3 catalyst by using citric acid as a chelating reagent. Significant synergy between Ni and Mo was observed. The addition of citric acid led to catalyst with increased number of active sites and possible modification of the active phase.