Hye Jee Jang

Date of Award

Fall 2019

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation



First Advisor

Scott Price


The purpose of this dissertation was to analyze Martha Mier’s solo and ensemble educational repertoire that incorporates jazz, ragtime and blues elements. This document is an analysis of jazz elements from her collections: Jazz, Rag, & Blues; Classical Jazz, Rag, & Blues; Christmas Jazz, Rag, & Blues; and Jazz, Rag, & Blues for Two. The analysis includes examination of the stylistic elements, harmony, key signature, meter, and rhythmic patterns. The document includes an interview with Martha Mier regarding her work in incorporating jazz, ragtime, and blues elements in her compositions.

The dissertation contains five chapters. Chapter one consists of the introduction, the purpose of study, need for the study, limitations of the study, related literature and design and procedures. Chapter two contains historical information on jazz, ragtime, and blues styles. Chapter three includes a transcript from the interview with composer Martha Mier. Chapter four contains a comprehensive analysis of Martha Mier’s educational solo and ensemble compositions that incorporate elements of jazz, ragtime, and blues. Chapter five contains a summery and recommendations for further study.