Erik Carl Vik

Date of Award

Fall 2019

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Chemistry and Biochemistry

First Advisor

Ken D. Shimizu


Molecular devices that function as rotors and measurement devices are the main topic of this dissertation. Each study contains a device based on an N-phenylimide framework, which has restricted rotation about the N-C (imide-phenyl) single bond due to a steric clash from the imide carbonyl and the phenyl rings ortho substituent. In general, two ground states are observed by 1H NMR, which are separated by a single transition state (TS). Incorporation of non-covalent interactions into the TS led to measurable changes in the rate for rotation. While the molecules in this dissertation revealed details that could not have been predicted, the most important advances were the new methods and strategies that were developed to study and interrogate NCIs. The studies highlighted in this dissertation include three kinetic studies of TS stabilized molecular rotors, a series of analyses of steric interactions, and one study of DFT benchmarks of rotational barriers.

Included in

Chemistry Commons