Date of Award

Summer 2019

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation



First Advisor

Alberto Maydeu-Olivares


The attempt to maintain a consistently positive public image is known as self-presentation; however, the structure of self-presentation has not been adequately explored. This paper aimed to identify a theory-based model for self-presentation by examining the relationship between personality traits and utilization of self-presentational behaviors. A review of the literature suggested self-presentation would be best modeled with a second order two-factor model with second order factors of Evaluation and Response. The second order factor of Evaluation is expected to explain the first order factors Perceived Anonymity, Sociability, and Communality while the second order factor of response is expected to explain the first order factors of Dominance and Self- Acceptance. For each trait, a single scale was selected and purified until it was unidimensional with good fit. Those items were entered into a second order two-factor structure using target rotation. The results show that the model did not fit well. This may be due to scale selection and problems with data quality. Dominance was a consistent predictor of midpoint responding, and sociability and self-acceptance were consistent predictors of extreme responding.