Julia Fuller

Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type

Open Access Thesis



First Advisor

Elise Blackwell


All That Is Still Here is a fictional novel following the character Amelia Hopkirt as she goes on a quest to discover the identity of the human remains she accidently purchases at a garage sale. Amelia becomes increasingly attached to the ashes throughout her journey, laying more and more personal items to rest with the ashes as she discovers moves closer to discovering who’s remains she possesses. Socially inept at interacting with her peers and smothered by an overly protective family, Amelia attempts to meet her emotional needs by using the ashes as a stand in friendship, inadvertently isolating herself from everyone who may care about her. With her growing obsession Amelia begins to jeopardize the few relationships she has in her life including her job and her family, eventually abandoning both as she commits to finding someone who knows whose ashes she possesses and who will love and mourn them. Amelia commandeers her coworker Patrick, forcing him to come along with her on her journey, recognizing that she will not succeed on her own. By the novel’s completion, Amelia does discover the story behind the cremated remains she’s grown so attached to while also learning more about herself, love, and the value of human companionship.