Date of Award

Fall 2018

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Rhonda Jeffries


This action research study describes the problem of practice as a dysfunctional evaluation system that is not meeting the needs of the teachers or the administration within the Central Valley Elementary School District. The identification of the problem of practice led to the development of a research focus examining elementary-level teachers’ beliefs concerning Danielson’s Framework for Teaching as the method for evaluation and the accompanying research question: What are elementary teachers’ perceptions of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Evaluation Model? The purpose of the present action research study is to identify elementary teachers’ beliefs concerning Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Evaluation Model. This action research study looked at two sets of data on teachers’ perceptions. The first set of qualitative data examined teachers’ sense of self efficacy using the Teachers’ Sense of Self Efficacy Scale (TSES) long form. Teachers were given the TSES at the beginning of the evaluation cycle and at the conclusion. The scaled mean scores were compared. The second set of data was the semistructured interview questions. The information from these two sources was used for the findings of the study that showed a positive perception of elementary teachers toward DFTEM. Upon completion of the data analysis, a committee reviewed the findings and developed an action plan to support the implementation of DFTEM across the district.