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Open Access Dissertation


Teaching and Learning

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Jan Yow


This study investigated the use of the interactive white board (IWB) and the impact the technology had on mathematics teaching practices for algebra teachers. The study used the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) model as the conceptual framework for the investigation, collection, and analysis of data. Teachers were interviewed to obtain teacher level of IWB use, and the Mathematics Classroom Observation Protocol for Practices (MCOP2) was used to obtain data for effective mathematics teaching practices. Observations of teachers were analyzed in order to answer the research question: How does the use of an Interactive White Board impact an algebra teachers’ implementation of selected mathematics teaching practices? Findings from the study indicate the teachers most often used the IWB at the interactive level, followed by the enhanced interactive level, and least at the support didactic level. Posing purposeful questions and Using and Connecting Mathematical Representation were the most frequently used selected Mathematics Teaching Practices.