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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


College of Education

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Todd Lilly


This paper details a study focused on the impact of the utilization of a formative classroom observation tool on the teachers’ reflective process as it pertains to instructional practices. The study was developed from a noted problem of practice at a middle school where approximately half of the teachers did not agree that teacher evaluation at their school focused on instructional improvement. The ultimate goal of the research study is to gain meaningful understanding concerning how to improve teacher practices through classroom observation and instructional leadership. This action research study incorporates a qualitative research design. Data was gathered from participating teachers in two phases. Phase one included a pre-intervention online anonymous questionnaire. The data gathered from this phase assisted in the development of the observational tool. Phase two, following the implementation of the observational tool, included an additional online questionnaire administered to all teacher-participants. Additionally, school level administrators participated in interviews to provide background information and their thoughts on the development of the tool.