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Dan Forrest is a composer who has gained attention in the choral world. His compositions like Venite Adoremus, Abide, and arrangements like A Mighty Fortress is Our God exhibit representative characteristics of his compositional voice. This document will serve choral conductors as a resource for understanding the compositional aspects of Forrest’s music and application for rehearsing his music. By examining three of his compositions of contrasting styles, this study will illuminate a variety of his compositional traits and examine their use in the three selections. Tertian relationships are pervasive in Forrest’s music in the formal designs, harmonic structure, and key relationships. Through comprehensive analysis and discussion, this document will argue that Forrest’s compositions Venite Adoremus, Abide, and A Mighty Fortress is Our God all contain characteristics based on the number three. This study will offer conductors and performers insight into his music within the historical context of tertian harmonic relationships. The goal of this study is to provide a detailed source for conductors to understand Dan Forrest and his compositional voice.

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