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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


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Christopher Bogiages


This action research study describes the effects of implementing performance-based assessments in a second grade mathematics classroom. The focus of this study is on reducing traditional testing methods and moving toward more authentic assessments within mathematics, specifically in the form of performance assessments. The study was grounded in a theoretical framework that involved authentic assessments in mathematics, mathematical communication, and, more specifically, performance assessments. This action research study employed a concurrent parallel mixed methods design to investigate the following research question: How does the use of performance assessments enhance students’ ability to communicate number sense in my second grade classroom? There were 22 participants within this study, all from the same second grade mathematics classroom. The data collection methods used in this study were a matching pre- and postassessment, performance assessments, FlipGrid student videos, a student survey, and observational and reflective notes. Quantitative data was analyzed using rubrics and descriptive statistics. Qualitative data was analyzed using coding for themes and patterns. The results of this study indicated that the use of performance assessments allows students to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and to enhance their mathematical vocabulary and communication skills.