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Open Access Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry


College of Arts and Sciences

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Chuanbing Tang


In this thesis project, high oleic soybean oil and lignin derived monomers and polymers are investigated. The properties of these monomers and polymers are characterized and discussed.

Chapter 1 details the potential impact of bio-based resources, monomers, and polymers on the environment. An introduction on polymerization techniques is given, and the overall objectives of my research are discussed.

In Chapter 2, attempts are made at modifying a soybean oil derived thermoplastic polymer into a vitrimer. The synthesis of thermoplastics is reviewed and the vitrimer trials outlined. Different scenarios that arose are examined and discussed.

Chapter 3 outlines the preparation of a supramolecular polymer based on a cationic lignin filler as well as a lignin derived polydiene. The reaction procedures and characterizations of the monomers and polymers are discussed. Higher percentages of acrylic acid in the long chain counterpart show better potential for solvent film casting. Although hot pressed films are more successful at integrating the filler, they are too brittle to test for mechanical properties. A decomposition product of lignin is then investigated as an alternative and renewable monomer source to overcome the difficulty of using organosolv lignin. The condensation reaction produces a polydiene capable of undergoing polymerization and shows promise as a renewable alternative.

Chapter 4 concludes with a summary of this work and suggestions for future research directions.

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