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Open Access Thesis


School of Music


Music Education

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D. Gregory Springer


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of mindful movement on elementary students’ listening comprehension and enjoyment. Participants (N = 40) were third-grade music students who participated in an ABAB within-subjects research design. During baseline phases, participants listened to one of four musical selections. During treatment phases, participants completed a mindful movement activity while listening to the musical selections. After each baseline or treatment experience, participants rated how much they enjoyed the musical recording, answered a free-response question justifying why they chose that enjoyment rating, and completed a listening comprehension test. Although there was a slight increase in comprehension scores after each of the first three phases, there was a sharp decrease in comprehension scores between the third phase and the fourth phase. Each mindful movement phase had lower enjoyment ratings than the preceding listening only phases. Implications of these results for music educators are discussed.