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Open Access Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry


College of Arts and Sciences

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Chuanbing Tang


In this thesis, monomers and polymers derived from high oleic soybean oil are investigated. The properties of these monomers and polymeric materials are characterized and discussed. Chapter 1 describes an overall background of bio-based resources, monomers, polymers, and their potential impact on society. The overall objective of my research is described. Chapter 2 outlines a new large-scale preparation of a soybean based monomer and the use of this monomer in thermoplastic elastomers. The synthetic procedures and characterizations of the monomers and polymers are discussed. In Chapter 3, potential applications of soybean oil monomers in both supramolecular polymers and poly(phosphoester)s are introduced. Thiol-ene reaction was used to introduce metal-ligand interaction into the sidechain of soybean homopolymers. The synthetic procedures and characterizations of the polymers are discussed. An overall summary of my research and outlook are given in Chapter 4.

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