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Open Access Dissertation


English Language and Literatures

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Christy Friend


Since their inception, Writing Centers have had the purpose of helping students with their writing, and they have met this goal by using collaborative learning and by talking to students about their writing. While the form of the center has changed over time, its purpose has not, and to better help Writing Centers achieve their purpose, they should focus on building community both amongst their tutors and between their tutors and tutees. A greater sense of community, welcome, and harmony will make the center a better place to work for the tutors, and it will make students/clients will feel more comfortable in the center as well. Working toward this sense of community should be a priority for Writing Center directors, and by engaging in various team-building exercises early in the year, such a feeling of community is readily created. A Writing Center with a healthy sense of community benefits tutors, clients, and the college campus as a whole, as its ability to work well within begins to extend without, thus proving once more the value and overall necessity of a Writing Center, particularly for new/emerging Writing Centers.