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Sara Schneckloth


The goal of my thesis project is to examine the notion of choice encountered by females with respect to gender roles. I intend to underscore the turmoil which often comes from choices that leave many classic feminine roles left unattended by either sex. I have created three altered books that address these struggles, as I have personally experienced these, regarding marriage, motherhood, and domesticity. Each book analyzes the conflicting nature of choice and, according to my own decisions as a modern feminist, concludes accordingly. This in-depth look at the struggle for women to not only choose gender roles to adopt, but to live with the consequences that lie in their wake, is best communicated through the use of altered books. The altered books themselves function conceptually as a metaphor, contain formal elements that enhance various concepts within each book, and allow for appropriation which lends itself to humor which defines my voice as the artist and narrator. Beyond the laughter, my hope is that those who empathize with the desperation felt by the female characters in my books may also understand the actual seriousness of the messages, acknowledging the humor and hardships that accompany my characters as they work to find their way through each one of my narratives.

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