Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Comparative Literature

First Advisor

Alexander Beecroft


This dissertation examines poetry of Daʿd Ḥadād, Sanieh Ṣālḥ, and Ryāḍ Ṣālḥ al- Ḥsīn and the dominant role of place in their poetry. My dissertation is specifically interested in nonconformist modern Syrian poetry, especially women’s poetry and poetry focused on place and space. I approach my analysis from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective and hence will draw on theoretical frameworks from Arabic studies, poetry discourse, and theory of place. Drawing on these different critical frameworks, my research analyzes representations of modern Syrian poetry with a focus on the writing of women and the poetry of nonconformity in its expression of individual anxiety in modern Syria, which, in turn, reveals the link between self and place. This dissertation explores the following questions: Why is place a useful critical lens to analyze non-conformist Syrian poetry, and why does place allow us to connect the poems to a critical posture? What is the relationship between place and poetic approaches to individuality?