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Open Access Thesis


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Piano Pedagogy

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Scott Price


This thesis analyzes Miyoshi Piano Method: 12 Progressive Propositions Piano Method written by Akira Miyoshi (1933-2013), a Japanese classical music composer. The study comprises three chapters, a bibliography, and two appendices. Chapter one consists of an introduction providing a brief history of the development of piano instructional methods and their development in Japan with an emphasis on the instructional works of Akira Miyoshi. Chapter 2 consists of an analysis of Miyoshi Piano Method inclusive of all twelve volumes. Each volume is analyzed in terms of reading approach, counting approach, technique, artistry and creativity, and compositional characteristics. Chapter 3 consists of a summary of analysis, discussion of the results, and implications for further study. The analysis revealed unique characteristics of Miyoshi Piano Method and Miyoshi’s valuable contribution to the field of piano pedagogy is discuss