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Campus Access Dissertation


Chemistry and Biochemistry



First Advisor

John J. Lavigne


Functionalized conjugated polymers have been used extensively for chemosensor development. However, synthesis of poly(thiophene)s with useful side-chain functional groups has often been difficult due to functional group incompatibility with synthetic procedures. Recently, we have developed a unique side-chain functional group transformation to create an electrophilic handle that can be substituted with numerous nucleophilic groups to introduce recognition elements. By repeating this substitution process, highly functionalized random-co-poly(thiophene)s, often difficult to synthesize by other methods, were obtained. In addition, we have recently developed an approach to the preparation of resin-immobilized poly(thiophene)s. Further side-chain modification of the conjugated polymers, introduced diverse functionalities useful for generating new solid state chemosensors. These resin-immobilized poly(thiophene)s showed spectroscopic properties similar to those in solutions. Preliminary sensing studies showed colorimetric and fluorometric changes upon exposure to acidic, basic and electron deficient aromatic compounds.