Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Thesis


Electrical Engineering


College of Engineering and Computing

First Advisor

Enrico Santi


Aging cables are a critical reliability concern for many electrical systems. Cables run over long distances, are often exposed to harsh environments and are intended to work for several decades. Cable faults can be a serious problem because cables are usually hard to repair or replace. Condition based maintenance is a popular approach that provides high reliability and low maintenance cost at the same time. This is a non-destructive method that collects information about the health condition of the cable under test without causing any potential damage.

Nowadays, in several applications power cables are connected to power converters and it would be desirable to be able to implement condition based maintenance by using the existing converter for cable health monitoring during normal system operation. In this thesis, we investigate the feasibility of using existing power converters to perform online cable health monitoring and propose an add-on circuit which can be added to an existing power converter so that it can perform the health monitoring function. We use the time domain reflectometry method to characterize and locate faults in the cable connecting the output of a power converter to its load.