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Open Access Thesis


Computer Science and Engineering


College Of Engineering and Computing

First Advisor

Jianjun Hu


India is a vast country with majority of its cities and towns connected through roads. Road transportation contributes to 86% share of the freight transport of the country with trucking companies dominating the entire space. With growing economy and demands raising, the quality of service of the trucking company remains poor. The major reasons are unorganized practice and lack of transparency. Moreover, limited access for customers to reach out to truckers to transport their goods.

This thesis aims to create a platform for customers and truckers to realize their needs with a help of a mobile application. Customers can search for truckers nearest to their location based on their needs. In addition, customers can also post their transport requirements which can be viewed by truckers. Truckers have options to update their travel plan well in advance making sure they run on full capacity. The application captures customers’ ratings for truckers thus building truckers’ creditability and in-turn improving quality of service. The platform provides a transparent mode of communication between customers and truckers on finalizing prices and eliminating middlemen, who in reality would draw commissions. The scope of the application can be extended to advertisement feeds, deals and truck sales as a revenue generation model to bare its operational cost.