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Open Access Dissertation


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Music Performance

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Joseph Eller


The purpose of the study is to provide a performance practice guide of selected works from the Baroque period that are transcribed for clarinet.

The Baroque period has an important but often overlooked wealth of literature for clarinet players. Although there are few original works for the clarinet that were composed during this period due to the clarinet's later development, there is still much that clarinet players can learn from this important body of work.

Performance practice of Baroque transcriptions is particularly significant. For instance, taking music written for a string instrument and transcribing it for a wind instrument brings out specific problems that must be addressed in the performance of a piece including phrasing, ornamentation, dynamic contrast, and transposition. Additionally, knowledge of basic Baroque performance practices is important for the authentic performance of works from this period.

A brief commentary will be provided on the selected works with information that will be beneficial to a performer. Background, compositional techniques, overall significance, and specific performance practice items should be considered when studying and performing these works.

The aim of this study is to have a single document containing pertinent information on and about the performance practice of the Baroque transcriptions and to have relevant information about each work.